Friday, August 04, 2006

Drum Downtown at the Music Center, Saturday 8/5, 10 am

Free, parking $8. LINK

According to Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart:

The Drum Circle is a huge jam session. The ultimate goal is not precise rhythmic articulation or perfection of patterned structure, but the ability to entrain and reach the state of a group mind. It is built on cooperation in the groove, but with little reference to any classic styles. So this is a work in constant progress, a phenomenon of the new rhythm culture emerging here in the West.

Entrain is a word most commonly used in chemistry. I understand that several of the Dead were very knowledgeable about chemistry.

All ages are welcome. Percussion instruments will be provided, or bring your own. And if you can't get enough, over the next week, drum maker Remo is hosting three other drum circles in North Hollywood.

It turns out that drum circles are something of a business opportunity. Their are drum makers who promote them for obvious reasons, drum circle facilitation training, paid performance gigs, and even corporate teambuilding contracts to be had. And drumming in general is now being promoted as a way to help achieve health and well-being.

Drum circle with dancing: