Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jeff Hamilton Trio at Hollywood & Highland, Tuesday 7/1, 7 pm

Free, $2 parking with validation. LINK

One of my favorite musical moments comes from Diana Krall's Live in Paris Show. She's singing I Don't Know Enough About You, and just as she's ending a phrase, Jeff Hamilton hammers down with both hands on a couple of cymbals, and it's perfect.

Anyone could do that move. If you sat a five year-old in front of a drum set, it's probably the first thing he'd do. But it's like when Jack Nicholson arches his eyebrows at the camera; you know there's nothing to it, but it's sheer genius all the same.

I've never seen Hamilton with his trio. But if it's anything like his long time collaboration with the John and Jeff Clayton, expect rough, not smooth, jazz. If your idea of jazz is The Wave, you may not enjoy it so much.

For $15 or $20, you can take part in the wine tasting, this week from Hill Family Estate Winery. All of the wine is donated, and all of the proceeds go to Project Angel Food.