Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bastille Day Los Angeles at the Page Museum, Sunday 7/16, noon

Free, parking at the Page Museum is $8. Link

Whether it's an Irishfest or a Cajun festival, the one constant with L.A. festivals seems to be funnel cake. The vendors at these types of events tend to be interchangeable, with little requirement for authentity.

That will not be the case at Bastille Day Los Angeles at the Page Museum. because the French tend to be fairly snooty about their culture. Also, it's being sponsored by the French Consul General for Los Angeles. So don't expect to find churros either.

What you will find is a petanque competition - sort of the French verision of bocce - a waiter's race, street performers, and French wine and food for sale. On stage they will have hip hop, jazz, percussion, jazz, stand-up comedy, Tahitian dancers, and a Piaf tribute.

It goes until 8:00, and we are permitted to speak English.

FYI, Bastille Day is the celebration of a key event in the French Revolution. The rebellion overthrew an absolutist king who helped foster a massive national debt, a grossly inequitable tax system, and an atmosphere of religious intolerance. Thank goodness we could never have someone like that here in America.