Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bangkok 5 and Monsters are Waiting at the Hammer, Thursday 7/13, 8:00

Free, $3 parking. Link

The new Bangkok Five music video features five guys in leather, a couple with Big Hair, playing Sammy Hagar-ish music as semi-hot actresses in lingerie dance, lounge, and yes, crawl to the music. Is this 1983? I mean, what channel is Max Headroom on?

Obviously, I am out of touch and the wrong person to be running this blog.

Monsters are Waiting vocal lead Annalee Fery has an appealing, brittle voice, reminiscent of Lisa Loeb. I just wish I could make out the words she is singing more often.

(Come early to view some of Picasso's prints, drawings, and artist's books, because the museum is free on Thursdays.)