Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Concerts at the Galleria in Sherman Oaks

Free, $3 parking, free for 2 hours with validation. Link

Thanks to John Bwarie, LA Councilmember Greig Smith's Deputy District Director, for reminding me about the series of summer concerts at the Sherman Oaks Galleria.

It's kind of dumb that I needed reminding - I've was at one of the shows a few summers ago. I had just picked up out-of-towners at the airport, and stopping at moon unit's favorite shopping center seemed like a great way to introduce them to the LA experience. (We party like this every night.) The music was fun and competent, you can sit if you arrive early, and you can dance in the back anytime. And they gave multiple helium balloons to my 5 year-old niece.

There are a lot of concerts, every Friday and Saturday through September 4. No big names, unless you count last names only; Gina Eckstein is Billy's daughter. Many of the acts are booked through Rossi Music, meaning they are probably wedding bands for the well-heeled, but not so rich that they can book Tony Bennett for the gig.