Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Fenians in Buena Park, Wednesday 7/12, 7:00

Free, free parking. Link

Click here for sample music clips (Amazon).

Don't even think about hoisting a pint, because alcohol is forbidden in the park. Which begs the question: Can Celtic rock be enjoyed while sober?

From reviewer Tom Nelligan:

...there's the California quintet called The Fenians, who at first glance might appear to be one more typical Irish pub band, but these guys move well beyond beer-chugging singalongs on their recording Every Day's a Hooley [Mizen Head Music(2003)]. This is a witty and somtimes thought-provoking group, clever enough to open the disc with a cheerful account of alcoholic axcess slyly called "Token Whiskey Song" and then follow it up with a great and very unexpected bluegrass banjo and saxophone arrangement of the Tom Campbell/Linda Albertano 1960s classic "2:10 Train." There's a biting cover of Ewan MacColl's politically charged "Go, Move, Shift," a driving arrangement of the traditional "Night Visiting Song" with a soaring melody, and in the title track an optimistic bit of philosophizing that mixes a reggae chorus with a nod to the old chestnut "Tom Dooley." And happily, there's not a single fake Irish accent to be heard anywhere.