Thursday, July 06, 2006

Preservation Hall Jazz Band in Woodland Hills, Sunday 7/9, 6:00

Free, with free parking if you are willing to walk. Link

Click here for sample music clips.

If you can deal with the sun beating down on you for the first 30 minutes you're there, the concerts at Warner Center Park are usually very nice. The acoustics are surprisingly good, and the audience is more appreciative than a typical Hollywood Bowl jazz or pop crowd.

I don't think of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band as a "jazz" band, since I don't sense any improvisation going on. They play a very traditional New Orleans sound, and no doubt some in the audience will bring their parasols to pump up and down to the beat. I understand that they play the same way in funeral marches, which sounds very cool.

They will also be performing at Amoeba Music on Saturday at 3:00, but record store sets are usually pretty short. And they'll do a set for kids at the Madrid in Canoga Park on Monday, 7/10, at 10 AM.