Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Film: Shakespeare Behind Bars at Barnsdall Park, Thursday 7/6, 7:30

Free with free parking, reservations recommended, donations accepted. Link

I've never been disappointed with anything from Independent Shakespeare, so I am looking forward to this film. This is from an their email:

SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS is an unexpectedly delightful documentary that follows the casting, rehearsal, and presentation of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, by convicted felons inside Kentucky’s Luther Luckett Correctional Complex. Winner of ten film festival awards, SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS smashes many of our long-held notions about prisoners and criminals as we watch these remarkably unique actors prepare. First they cast themselves in roles reflecting their personal histories; then we see their individual stories interwoven with the plot of The Tempest as they delve deeply into the characters they portray and confront their personal demons.

A few years ago, an episode of the This American Life covered the same ground and it was fascinating. The filmmaker, Hank Rogerson, will be there at the Gallery Theatre to answer questions.