Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bank of the West Beach Games in Huntington Beach, now through Sunday, 7/30

Free, good luck with parking. LINK

The dude pictured above is quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, who will be surfing on Sunday. And like I said, it's Ozomatli on Saturday.

The Games feature surfing, volleyball, skatebording, BMX, FMX, and now, a Texas Hold 'em celebrity contest. But I've never heard of any of the celebrities, because they're all surfers, volleyball players, skateboarders...

According to Transworld Surf, the highlight of the Games in years past has been G-String Mullet Man. Justin Cote observes:

I was watching him stroll under the pier and toward the water's edge when someone shouted, "Here he comes!" as if it were Jesus himself. Once he was positioned smack dab in the middle of the contest area, and with shorebreak lapping against his bare ankles, he stood up straight, put his hand to his forehead like a visor, and checked out the comp-just like any other fan, except he kept running his hand through his mullet, and 99 percent of his ass was there for all to see. The crowd went apeshit, which probably confused the finalists because nobody was riding a wave, but by then they were probably used to surfing being the sideshow.